Hinode SDC Europe User Survey

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Anything else?
If you want to comment on anything not mentioned below, feel free to mention it! Even knowing what you like about our archive will help guide our future development.

As the number of observations grow, searching the archive will become slower and slower, all other things being equal. Further efforts will counteract this trend, and might make the archive even faster than today.

Improved grouping
If an instrument repeats a single complex observing program for hours on end, it should be possible to have only one search result line for each type of observation done during that time. The current grouping system is too simplistic to do this - in some cases (SOT) it shows a single line for several different observation types and in other cases (XRT) it shows many lines when just a few observation types are being repeated over and over.

Group "statistics"
A number of users have already requested the ability to search on group properties such as cadence - a typical property not deriveable from a single file (this requires the improved grouping mentioned above to work properly).

Becoming a VSO provider
Only XRT data are currently available through VSO (from SAO). If we become a VSO data provider, we would serve all Hinode data.

Enabling searches for co-spatiotemporal observations
e.g. "find clusters of observations with SOT-FG in mode A and EIS in mode B".

Including other observation catalogues
To find observation clusters with e.g. both SOHO/CDS and SOT

Including external event/feature catalogues
This might enable searches like "SOT observations in mode A, on a coronal hole".

Producing "level 2" images, like velocity maps, line width maps, etc.

Improving the search page
e.g. "compose your own search page (and bookmark it)," and adding a function to search among the more than 300 keywords.

Improving the documentation on how to use the archive
Would you really read it?

Adding more "example searches"

Making more derived values available for searching
e.g. min/max/median/range/percentiles of level 1 or 2 calibrated data, or any other value that can be derived.

Becoming a "resource centre"
Collecting/developing knowhow about the use of Hinode data.